Morning Offering: 10. 01. 22

Today’s Reflection: God,
Sometimes I get upset when I pray to you because I don’t get a response
Sometimes I get upset when I pray to you because I do get a response,
But it’s not the one I want,
But most of the time I don’t pray to you because I’m upset
About something else
And I don’t know how or where to start.

Just open my mouth, O Lord,
And let me speak — show me it’s okay to just let it flow,
To pour it all out like Job, like David,
Like me when I talk to my therapist —

let me feel your gentle, listening presence,
the subtle warmth of someone sitting close
the slight cues of nods and mmhmm’s
the patience and acceptance of someone who listens
Without butting in to fix, to correct, or to solve.

Help me to speak with you clearly and openly,
Even and especially when I’m angry, broken or frustrated —
Thank you, Lord, for your listening —
Help me to speak. Amen. — Fr. Garrett Gundlach, SJ
Morning Offering is a daily post by Joe Barkovich, who lives in his hometown of Welland, Ontario. Daily photo by Joe Barkovich.
Morning Offering is posted by 8 a. m.

I have a second blog, From A Reporters Notebook. Just wondering why comments from readers appear on it, under Recent Comments, but comments from readers do not appear on this blog. How do it 'fix' that so comments appear on this blog too.

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