Morning Offering: 04. 06. 23

Today’s Reflection: MORNING PRAYER – Lord, you have brought us to the beginning of a fresh new day. As the world is renewed, so we ask you to renew our hearts with your strength & purpose. Forgive us the errors of yesterday and bless us to walk closer to You today. — Bodmin Hermit, a Franciscan hermit in Cornwall, England
Morning Offering is a daily post by Joe Barkovich, who lives in his hometown of Welland, Ontario. Daily photo by Joe Barkovich.
Morning Offering is posted by 8 a. m.

I have a second blog, From A Reporters Notebook. Just wondering why comments from readers appear on it, under Recent Comments, but comments from readers do not appear on this blog. How do it 'fix' that so comments appear on this blog too.

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